My name is Frank J. Renaldi (Jr.). I am a lifetime resident of the Lehigh Valley. Along with many other things I’ve learned from my Father, I have inherited the dedication, motivation, and compassion for my clients that is unmatched in this business today. My reputation to the public as well as in the industry is that of an honest and reputable agent. I am an agent who cares about the Quality of service and the Success of the business in which I conduct. For the past 10 years, I have been associated with Century 21 Pinnacle, which is the largest Century 21 in the Lehigh Valley. Employing over 100 agents, 3 offices, with 2 brokers holding 45+ years of combined experience. My company has installed the education & understanding of a continuously changing market needed for a successful transaction. I have also chosen to volunteer & sit on several committees in our board. I was chosen in 2006 to be a member of our Government Affairs Committee, in 2007 was asked to take over the Vice Chairman’s position, & now in 2008 I have been asked to lead our Committee as the Chairman in an effort to help protect our industry & most importantly our clients. I was also selected to sit as Vice Chairman of our LVARPAC w/ the goal to help guide our leadership in decisions as a Political Action Committee. My most recent accomplishment in my efforts was to be selected sit as President of our 2000 member association effective Jan 20th 2011. I feel there is nothing we can’t accomplish togther!


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