Goals! or Goals? :-/

Let Me Help You Raise The Bar!

Wow, what a question in this economy!  Goals can be motivating, insightful, and gratifying.  On the other hand, in this economy I hear more and more agents crying that they haven’t hit their goals in years.  What to do, what to do?

I will tell you what to do right here right now.  Look at your leadership!  Why your leadership you ask…Because your leader or coach should be furnishing you with the tools and motivation necessary to not only do well, but grow each and every single year.  Why are you in business to do worse each year?

Great booming market 2006

Production – $3,101,098 in sales volume

Tough 2010 Market

Production – $4,006,000

Aching 2011 Market

Production – $4,323,129

Why is a damaged economy an excuse for you to fail?  It doesn’t have to be!  What will it take for you to stand up, declare your future success, and remove the chronic pessimism from your life?  Honestly, I would be interested in hearing what that trigger would be.

There are so many things that can be done to increase your number of transactions.  Who is helping you find them?  I would like to invite anyone reading this to call/email/text/facebook/twitter/LinkedIn/Google+/ect…so we can set up a lunch to dissect your business and find out what is missing from your business plan.  You do have a business plan, right???   If your answer is no, that’s all for another blog. It may be even more important for you to reach out to me.

Now is the time to re-commit or save your dues money.  I urge you to re-commit yourself to this career and let me help you massage your business practices.  Don’t worry, lunch is on me.


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