To Embarrassed To Ask 4 Help? Put Pride Aside!

Pride! As a stubborn Italian myself, asking for help couldn’t be any harder.  From a professional’s point of view, working out of the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, I see first hand the difference between asking a Realtor for help early and waiting for the sheriff to serve you notice of foreclosure. I have a blog posted previous featuring a TON of details, facts, figures, and plenty of FAQs, but today I’m looking to take a more personable approach. If you are running through all of your savings and are on the brink of missing your payment on your home, STOP and think for one second…  Are your financial problems only temporary? Can you make up that payment within the next month? Now this is the part where you need to be honest with yourself.  If the real answer is no, it’s time to speak with a professional. Two big things to note when trying to figure out who to talk to:  1 – Find a Realtor who handles these situations regularly.  An agent who tries to help you only as a favor, isn’t doing you a favor at all.  The advice that generally comes from an inexperienced short sales agent is: “try a loan modification” or “deed in lieu”, which are the easy answers but rarely are the best answer for you. & 2 – DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT pay any agent or facilitation company any upfront money.  There are plenty of agents, myself included, that will take your business and get the bank to compensate the commission.  You already have enough financial issues to worry about, that upfront money would be virtually impossible.  For the rest of the stubborn people in this world that may already be 3,6, or 9+ months behind…Knock Knock you need help, you need it quick, and I am willing to help.  I have a team of agents specific to short sales and buyers and an entire Short Sale Facilitation Company behind me to streamline this twisted process.  Please go to my website and leave me a detailed message with your address and best way to contact you. I can get you all set up in a few days.  Couple of things to note about this style of transaction; 1 – it is a slow, drawn out process with a lot of repetition and a lot of your financial docs presenting your hardship to the bank.  If you are NOT willing to work with the process and get all the docs the bank requests in a timely manner, then I suggest not starting at all, because your lender will close the file prior to us closing.  2 – if short sale is our only option, that means we are under water and have no equity, please realize the most important goal is to secure an offer.  Do not get offended or defensive at the price.  There is nothing you can financially gain from this sale, so negotiating every penny and jeopardizing a buyer, will only hurt your chances. Speed is key here. 3 – your potential GAINS : by going through short sale as opposed to foreclosure, could save 5 YEARS on your credit. You can purchase a home with a loan backed by FannieMae or FreddieMac after 2 years, as long as your credit score will allow it.  A foreclosure could hold you back for up to 7 years.  Now,  that should be incentive enough to clean up these hiccups as fast as you can. Feel free to comment on my blog or more importantly go to my website and just ask for help. The alternative to asking for short sale help is not pretty, so I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time my Lehigh Valley Family!


Frank J. Renaldi
License # RS278600

Century 21 Pinnacle
3001 Emrick Blvd., Suite 300
Bethlehem, Pa 18020
Office #: 610-691-0535 *7145
Direct # 484-893-7145
Fax #: 610-691-1277
Cell #: 484-788-8682


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