Any one can hold the helm when the sea is calm. ~ Publilius Syrus

You can only lead with the support of others!

Leadership –

Leadership in Real Estate has so many different holes to fill.  Some of these holes are a challenge when all you have is a square peg.  Brokers/Managers/Trainers/Recruiters & Agents all have a mountain of challenges to overcome.  I refer to the troubles as a mountain for a few reasons.  An untouched mountain has no defined paths, a multitudes of unexpected twists and turns, and can be so dark at times you feel there is no light at the end of this journey.  I ask you to look at this as a personal challenge to you as an individual.  When I hike, I tend to go off the well-known path to explore what it is that’s out there to see.   If I ONLY stay on the path, all I will see or find is what everyone else has.  As I make it to the top, my goal is now an achievement.  How good do you feel when you have achieved something in your life?  Your blood starts pumping, you’re no longer exhausted, and dammit not even Hulk Hogan could beat that feeling out of you.  Why does this feeling always have to do with the physical though?

Goals in RE

In the beginning of my RE career, I made money solely to live and enjoy life.  I still want those goals today, but they are now modified to a much higher level.  As an agent, have you set goals for 2012?  If you have, who was it that helped you set your goals?  Two key players in your goal setting should always be your leadership(Broker/Manager) and your Family.  When I say family, I do not mean it in the wife/husband 2.5 children and a golden retriever type of way.  What I mean is the people you are closest to; friends, relatives, and even colleagues.  They need to help you set attainable yet lofty goals, because they will most likely be a part of your success and have to hold you accountable.  I of course have goals defined by #s and $s, but I also have life  goals obtained through my income in RE.  One of my goals for 2012 is to take a nice family vacation in July to the Dominican Republic.  My new wife and I enjoyed this location on our honeymoon and we would like to bring family there with us to share our enjoyment of that island.  My goals of increasing business and income for my family have been set, and reached each of the last 3 years.  In fact my best year ever is 2011 when everyone is crying it is the worst.  Why is that?  Leadership….

Leadership = Partnership

2011 has been an eventful year to say the least.  I myself, wore many many hats this year in our industry and outside of it.  I Served my 3rd year on the LVAR Board of Directors, accepted the honor to sit as 2011 President of LVAR, Board of Director for PAR, and most importantly trading in the role of fiance to the role of Husband.  All of these demanded a level of reflection I was not used to in my day-to-day life.  I will not rehash details of the past, but as President I had  a 1 week period of time before I had to handle my first of many challenges. This was a HUGE test of who I was as a leader.  Being self-employed, I was not used to the lives of 2000+ members being effected by 1 decision.  Push came to shove and decisions had to be made.  I had to put my personal relationships and feelings aside to focus on what my new role was and how it would affect those I lead.  I was scared, nervous, and questioning each potential outcome.  As a leader I can tell you that there is no one individual that can make anything happen.  I feel guilty taking credit for things that were changed, because without the help and support from the other 14 board members, I would have been nothing in this picture.  This is where partnership meets leadership.

Every leader must have an equally beneficial proposition for its partners.  As I mold into my new roles with Century 21 Pinnacle as a recruiter and trainer, I realize brokerages and agents are business partners, not the roles of boss and employee.  I see agents moving companies because someone offers a higher split.  Ok, I can see the logic at first glance, but isn’t a company’s value proposition more than just a percentage?  What if there are fees behind that %, or empty promises of wealth beyond your imagination?  What does your net look like at the end of the year is the question I ask?  A value proposition of a company to its agents should follow the old saying of “give a man a fish he eats for a day, but teach a man to fish and he eats forever”.   This my friends is where leadership comes into play.

How many of you have hired a real estate coach or 3rd party trainer of some kind?  Hands please…don’t be shy!  Shame on your leadership if you have.  The role of your leadership or its employees is to be your coach, mentor, trainer, and the all around support system for your success.  If they are not, here is a box, its time to pack your stuff!  I am not at all taking away from education, conventions, or seminars.  What I am talking about is in regards to you having to hire a real estate expert to train, coach, and motivate you throughout the year.  HELLOOOOO, is this mic on?  Doesn’t that seem ridiculous to anyone else?  Why do you split your commission or why do you pay a desk fee?  Shouldn’t that be part of the value of a brokerage?  If you say no, I’m going to slap you.  I don’t care how good you are in any business, you always need a valuable support system.

As 2011 comes to a close tomorrow, I ask you to look back at your business and see if you are climbing the success latter, or falling off of it.  In this market the strong will survive and the rest step aside.  My promise to you, is that I will survive.  My conviction to my career is unbreakable and I will spend 2012 dedicating myself to helping others inside and outside of my company.

****Warning, expected recruiting pitch*****

I have assumed the role of recruiter and trainer for Century 21 Pinnacle and am looking for agents that possess the same passion for this business as I do.  That light may be dimming a bit over the last few years, but I believe I can bring the best out of you.  I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your 2012 goals and also offer an over view of your business plan.  If you don’t have either, please request an appt and we can work on them together.  I am willing to sit down and help anyone regardless of your affiliation.

I raise my glass to you and toast….

Here is to the success of 2012, Salute!


Frank J. Renaldi
License # RS278600

Century 21 Pinnacle
3001 Emrick Blvd., Suite 300
Bethlehem, Pa 18020


Office #: 610-691-0535

Fax #: 610-691-1277
Cell #: 484-788-8682


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