K9 Competition

Here is a link to an article for Puppy Bowl VIII ~ Puppy Bowl VIII: The Scouting Report http://zite.to/wfDE58 via @zite ~ . Just a quick story about my 1/2 Boxer 1/2 Pit from last year on Super Bowl Sunday! My now wife and I adopted our dog Buca from the AWSOM Shelter (Animal Welfare Society of Monroe) on January 2nd 2011. Our little monster was only 2 months old and weighed about 20lbs. He had the energy you would expect out of this breed for sure and was growing like those pesky weeds in the back corner of my yard. Come Super Bowl Sunday last year, my little monster was in one of those “daddy play with me or I will chew your shoes” mode. I grabbed a football toy of his and started to rough him up a bit. Take a quick look….


20120205-101023.jpg After we had some Daddy/Buca time, we both sat down on my “Man Chair” and watch the Puppy Bowl. I was so shocked how intently Buca was watching the K9 competition. I was thoroughly amused to say the least, LOL. Anyway, I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Super Bowl/Puppy Bowl Sunday. Till next time my friends!


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