Do I / Don’t I??? Crap, I don’t know…


OK Ok, the question is to iPhone or not to iPhone? For anyone who is phone-a-holic, or has a job where you are on your cell non stop, all we do is look at the next best thing. I had a war in my head a few years ago when the iPhone came out. That war had a few different battles in it, including the age old battle of the sole carrier of the iPhone which I resented for sure. The other battle was that I don’t like the concept of having to do everything via iTunes. In 2010 I bought the iPad, which at the time was the only mobile 3G tablet worth having. Now that I have the iPad and Apple has a very impressive iCloud. I feel it is worth looking at a phone platform switch.

Here is my problem…I have spent the last 4 years defending my non iPhone choice of phones, and as of the last few years the Android software. I did such a good job of defending those decisions, I feel now, I would be a total tech sell out if I change. Anyone else have these sick battles in their heads? Its killing me, and all for what, a phone lol. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

4s to 5 –
Looking at everything on all the review sites and reading everything out of the rumor mill, it looks like the iPhone 5 could be making a showcase this summer of 2012. I refuse to switch phones to a 4s if I will get burnt 5 months later. I also had a little birdie tell me that the screen will be around 4in, which helps me justify my move from the 4.3in screen on my HTC EVO.

I found a cool little site that I am going to share with you guys, but keep in mind, there is always a lot of talk and very little truth. I’m just sitting in my “man chair” typing this, and hoping that this is all going to pan out like it seams.

Site –

Looking forward to reading all of your thoughts on my rant, and please follow me on twitter and facebook…

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