Are You Efficient Enough In Your Social Business?


OK, so we ask again…How the heck can I do all this social media stuff I know I have to do, all inside 24 hours? As we log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and others, we ask if we should be doing something else to increase our business instead of “playing” on the internet. Answer Yes and No (haha Sorry, for the politician style answer)

I say yes because you can be more efficient with your networking with the right tools and strategy, but no you do not want to ignore it all together. Myself and my wife have found a number of great ways to streamline our social presence without being generic about it. There are so many little tricks and secrets to this social dance, but in this article listed below there are a few quick sites to help.

If you have questions on these pointers or need detailed help in setting up your systems, just ask.

Helpful Tools to Manage Your Social Media Marketing via @zite


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