Woof Woof or Meow??

20120309-140247.jpg (He is a big Flyers fan by the way! lol)

Love this article! It is funny how defensive people get over their pets. Not going to lie, I’m one of them lol.

Do you own a dog or a cat? How close does your personality match with your pets? In my household, our dog Buca (Boxer/Pit Mix) definitely runs the show and sets the tone and energy in our home. My wife, Mandee Renaldi AKA @ValleyREAgent, never had a pet in her life until we decided a dog would make our house more like a home. Now that we have Buca, her life would not be the same with out our little monster.

We just went to Century 21’s Global Conference and were gone for a week. Buca wasn’t dropped off at my mother’s house for more than 30 minutes before she started having separation anxiety. He is that much a part of our family. The warmth and unconditional love a pet can give, is beyond priceless!

I hope you enjoy the article below and also a picture of our little monster Buca!

Dog People vs. Cat People: What Pet Preference Says About You http://abcn.ws/z8MgP6


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