iPad 3 Review


Is it worth the upgrade? Well hopefully the article link im providing could shed some light on your decision.

I am writing this blog post on my iPad 1 so I am very interested in what benefits there are with the 2 & 3 to entice me to open my wallet. Now the differences from the 1 & 2 are drastic, but what are the differences from 2 to 3? If you have a few minutes, read through the quick article attached and make up your own mind.

In my world I am going to have to upgrade from the 1 at some point to help me streamline my Vlogging. Since the iPad 1 doesn’t have a camera ( —> 😦 <—- Sad face!) I have to use my Bloggie Video Camera and upload it to my comp. Man what a waste of time. Ok thats my rant, now I have to game plan my next purchase.

Anyone interested in an iPad 1 32GIG 3G? lol

My review of the new iPad Reviews. How Meta! http://zite.to/xDoN7P via @zite


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