My favorite time of year: BASEBALL SEASON

This winter was long and hard for me with the disappointment the Eagles brought. I’ve been counting down the days for baseball to begin and it’s almost here! I can practically taste the sun flower seeds and Awshucks! My wife has a clinical obsession with those ears of corn, lol. It’s hard to believe that the Iron Pigs have been around for 5 years already. My father has season tickets, so we try to make it to as many of the games as we can. The stadium is beautiful and it saves us a hour plus drive. One of their coolest upgrades last year was the Bypass Line App.

As for The Phillies, I’m definitely hoping that Utley’s knee heals up quickly and he doesn’t end up missing a large part of the season. My heart belongs to this team, but they are making me a bit nervous this year with all their injuries….. it’s not even Opening Day and our major components are missing. Heal quick boys and let’s get to the World Series!

Feel free to click on the links to see the articles I’ve linked to.


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