Where Do You Focus Your Social Energy?

Great article on where you should go with your social energy. There are hundreds of social platforms fighting for your attention. It is up to you to focus on what works for your business and not waste time. READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!



The Real First Showing


When is your first showing? Some say when they set up a formal appt to do a walk through, but most in the Gen X and Gen Y era say the first time they see it on the web. If the stats are correct, over 88% of home buyers are doing research online BEFORE contacting their first agent. These buyers rely heavily on the photos provided in the listing to determine which homes they even want to entertain when they start their walk throughs.

So now that we have determined when the first and most important showing takes place, how has your Realtor presented you to the public? Take a serious look at your listing and ask yourself if you would like how the pictures are done with an unbiased eye. Did your agent take your pictures with a Walmart point and shoot clearance camera, or even worse, their Blackberry (do they still make Blackberries?)? Part of picking your agent should be their knowledge of proper marketing and advertising. They should be willing to invest in themselves, their business, and most importantly, you. That investment should include the proper tools needed to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

Take a look at this article I found this morning and enjoy the laughs at these listing pictures. Oh boy do these guys need some education lol. Enjoy the day everyone!



Heat Map of US Mortgage Default


Here is an article on the progression of 30+ day lates or more on mortgages in the country. Very interesting and scary to see how quick this delinquency plague can take over a country. Fortunately we are starting on the down slope of this issue.

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Distressing Mortgage Conditions http://zite.to/NIO2DY via @zite

Money In Limbo Till November


Take a minute to read this article about how volatile money is based on our leader. It’s worth a read!

The question is, how does this effect Lehigh Valley Real Estate? It effects not only the clients payment and process, but the entire way of conducting business based on policy and procedure. I would not say one is right or wrong, just different. In the Lehigh Valley real estate community, to adapt is to survive and thrive.

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Tips For Buyers Picking a Realtor


Any buyer in any state, you need to take 5 minute to read this article. Lots of great tips on what to look for, but even more important are the examples of impact from a quality agent.

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