Utley Leaves Camp, Knee Remains Issue | The Zo Zone

Utley Leaves Camp, Knee Remains Issue | The Zo Zone (via http://ble.ac/teamstream-) http://zozone.mlblogs.com/2012/03/19/utley-leaves-camp-knee-remains-issue/


Lehigh Basketball 1/2 X Recap


Quick halftime recap for those who aren’t in front of their TV. Lehigh came out of the block STRONG baby, but as soon as McCollum got his second offensive foul and took a seat, things really got slow. It’s not that McCollum was lacing shots left and right, in fact he only had 4 pts the first half, but his leadership and motivation left the court as soon as he hit the bench.

Xavier looked like a new puppy in a new home, lost and circling aimlessly. Things are a bit different as they end out the 1st half. All I have to say is Kenny Frease is on fire.

Well 2nd half is underway and we need some heart from our Hawks to take the momentum back and close this game out. Lets go boys!!!!

Lehigh University Mens Basketball


Well here we go again. 48 hours after one of the most amazing March Upsets on record, what does tonight have in store? As I watched that game and await tonights, I can’t help but wonder what kind of mental preparation went in to overcoming those tremendous odds.

In life everything worth remembering had some form of adversity to make it so important. These kids acted like true, strong minded adults with set goals and a map to achieve them. Outside of being a Duke fan or someone who had Duke to the house in a bracket, you have to be so proud and excited for this team.

What does tonights game have in store? I hope it has a lot more of the same. All eyes on McCollum tonight as we all hope for him to repeat his 30+ performance. I have an article linked at the bottom of this page for you to read deeper, about this matchup tonight. Thanks to the Easton Express and Lehigh Valley Live for writing this piece that i’m using in my blog.

Xavier University men’s basketball team seeks positive finish to trying season | lehighvalleylive.com http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/sports/index.ssf/2012/03/xavier_mens_basketball_team_ha.html

Lehigh Takes the Horns From The devils

20120317-143132.jpg. (Yes that is my bracket)

Who doesn’t love a good underdog story?….Well besides Duke fans of course. The storyline gets even better if you live in the Lehigh Valley like I have all my life. I cannot claim Lehigh as my alma mater, but living a half block off the campus for 3 years has created a bond for me. I am not a writer so I will ask you to read the link below for the full story.

All I can say is DAMN what a game….GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C.J. McCollum, Lehigh University men’s basketball team become social media sensations | lehighvalleylive.com http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/lehigh/index.ssf/2012/03/cj_mccollum_lehigh_university.html

March Madness for Real Estate???


So much going on this month with tax prep, sports, and yes real estate. Here is an article that describes the madness coming up.

Have you heard about Harp 2.0? Harp, in my opinion, was the failed program that the administration set up to help homeowners with a struggling mortgage payment. Harp 2.0 looks a lot more promising.

Read this article and feel free to ask some questions about this new program. May help you out of a tough spot. Use me as a resource to get where you want to be.

March Madness for Real Estate and Mortgages http://zite.to/xVub6L

RG III…Worth That Much?


WOW! Yes I just started a blog post with that. Its time to talk strategy in this session of Frankie J’s Rants and Raves lol.

Ok lets lay out what the problem is. Washington Redskins gave St. Louis a 1st and 2nd draft pick this year, 1st Round Pick 2013, ANDDDDDD a 1st Round Pick in 2014. Holy crap! All I can say is look at the history of putting all your eggs in one draft bucket. Could the Redskins be the next “Draft Bust” story. Will they make the top 10 list of Ouchy moves?

Lets review the top 5 busts….

5. David Carr – 2002 Draft #1 Pick to Houston Texans, Ended up being a career back up
4. Joey Harrington – 2002 Detroit Lions, 3rd over all pick.
3. Tim Couch – 1999 Draft to Cleveland Browns #1 over all pick
2. Jamarcus Russell – -2007 Draft #1 over all pick to “Da Raidas’
1. Ryan Leaf – 1998 Draft #2 over all pick to SD Chargers

Could RGIII end up on this list? Could Washington end up setting themselves back a few years because of this move? Well, I hope so! Im an Eagles fan so nothing would excite me more than any NFC East team making long term damaging draft picks. I guess we shall see as this year continues.

Thanks everyone for listening to my rants. If you like this or any other blog posts, please ReBlog or RePost to spread the love. Thanks again!

Here is the link to the real story on RGIII…

Redskins eye Robert Griffin III after landing No. 2 pick from Rams – Peter King http://zite.to/yB7QPR via @zite