RG III…Worth That Much?


WOW! Yes I just started a blog post with that. Its time to talk strategy in this session of Frankie J’s Rants and Raves lol.

Ok lets lay out what the problem is. Washington Redskins gave St. Louis a 1st and 2nd draft pick this year, 1st Round Pick 2013, ANDDDDDD a 1st Round Pick in 2014. Holy crap! All I can say is look at the history of putting all your eggs in one draft bucket. Could the Redskins be the next “Draft Bust” story. Will they make the top 10 list of Ouchy moves?

Lets review the top 5 busts….

5. David Carr – 2002 Draft #1 Pick to Houston Texans, Ended up being a career back up
4. Joey Harrington – 2002 Detroit Lions, 3rd over all pick.
3. Tim Couch – 1999 Draft to Cleveland Browns #1 over all pick
2. Jamarcus Russell – -2007 Draft #1 over all pick to “Da Raidas’
1. Ryan Leaf – 1998 Draft #2 over all pick to SD Chargers

Could RGIII end up on this list? Could Washington end up setting themselves back a few years because of this move? Well, I hope so! Im an Eagles fan so nothing would excite me more than any NFC East team making long term damaging draft picks. I guess we shall see as this year continues.

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Here is the link to the real story on RGIII…

Redskins eye Robert Griffin III after landing No. 2 pick from Rams – Peter King http://zite.to/yB7QPR via @zite