Where Do You Focus Your Social Energy?

Great article on where you should go with your social energy. There are hundreds of social platforms fighting for your attention. It is up to you to focus on what works for your business and not waste time. READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!



What Is Your Social Strategy


Are you a business owner or sales person that benefits from social networking? Where do you stack up to these Fortune 500 companies?

To any of my friends that aren’t competitors in the RE business, anyone interested in a coffee meeting to talk about what works and what doesn’t? If you’re interested, Tweet/FB/LinkedIn/Google+/ or comment here on my WP.

Talk to you soon friends!

Pinterest Takes Over the World?


I asked if Pinterest is taking over the world, but it already has! Little did we know here in the states, but we are way behind the curve on the use of this platform. Most of Europe adopted this platform for traveling and tips. Makes a ton of sense to me. Below is an article I found to give a more in-depth look at this new U.S. rat race…

Pinterest and ThePlanetD http://zite.to/z2xRzI

iPad 3 Review


Is it worth the upgrade? Well hopefully the article link im providing could shed some light on your decision.

I am writing this blog post on my iPad 1 so I am very interested in what benefits there are with the 2 & 3 to entice me to open my wallet. Now the differences from the 1 & 2 are drastic, but what are the differences from 2 to 3? If you have a few minutes, read through the quick article attached and make up your own mind.

In my world I am going to have to upgrade from the 1 at some point to help me streamline my Vlogging. Since the iPad 1 doesn’t have a camera ( —> 😦 <—- Sad face!) I have to use my Bloggie Video Camera and upload it to my comp. Man what a waste of time. Ok thats my rant, now I have to game plan my next purchase.

Anyone interested in an iPad 1 32GIG 3G? lol

My review of the new iPad Reviews. How Meta! http://zite.to/xDoN7P via @zite

Are You Efficient Enough In Your Social Business?


OK, so we ask again…How the heck can I do all this social media stuff I know I have to do, all inside 24 hours? As we log into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and others, we ask if we should be doing something else to increase our business instead of “playing” on the internet. Answer Yes and No (haha Sorry, for the politician style answer)

I say yes because you can be more efficient with your networking with the right tools and strategy, but no you do not want to ignore it all together. Myself and my wife have found a number of great ways to streamline our social presence without being generic about it. There are so many little tricks and secrets to this social dance, but in this article listed below there are a few quick sites to help.

If you have questions on these pointers or need detailed help in setting up your systems, just ask.

Helpful Tools to Manage Your Social Media Marketing http://zite.to/y3IZ9o via @zite

Do I / Don’t I??? Crap, I don’t know…


OK Ok, the question is to iPhone or not to iPhone? For anyone who is phone-a-holic, or has a job where you are on your cell non stop, all we do is look at the next best thing. I had a war in my head a few years ago when the iPhone came out. That war had a few different battles in it, including the age old battle of the sole carrier of the iPhone which I resented for sure. The other battle was that I don’t like the concept of having to do everything via iTunes. In 2010 I bought the iPad, which at the time was the only mobile 3G tablet worth having. Now that I have the iPad and Apple has a very impressive iCloud. I feel it is worth looking at a phone platform switch.

Here is my problem…I have spent the last 4 years defending my non iPhone choice of phones, and as of the last few years the Android software. I did such a good job of defending those decisions, I feel now, I would be a total tech sell out if I change. Anyone else have these sick battles in their heads? Its killing me, and all for what, a phone lol. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

4s to 5 –
Looking at everything on all the review sites and reading everything out of the rumor mill, it looks like the iPhone 5 could be making a showcase this summer of 2012. I refuse to switch phones to a 4s if I will get burnt 5 months later. I also had a little birdie tell me that the screen will be around 4in, which helps me justify my move from the 4.3in screen on my HTC EVO.

I found a cool little site that I am going to share with you guys, but keep in mind, there is always a lot of talk and very little truth. I’m just sitting in my “man chair” typing this, and hoping that this is all going to pan out like it seams.

Site – http://iphone5latest.com/

Looking forward to reading all of your thoughts on my rant, and please follow me on twitter and facebook…

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